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Review date: 11th January 2010 | Author: Abdullah Anees

General Information


The Canopy (now open)

145 Three Colt Street, London E14 8AP
Telephone Number
Large area of seating
Opposite roads and streets after 7pm
Grilled Dishes & Sheesha

Other Information

The good
Variety of dishes served.
Friendly service.
Nice decor & environment.
Nice sheesha area at the back of the restaurant.
The bad
Parking can be a hassle on some nights as the area is residential the parking spaces are limited.
There has been occassions where some items on the menu were not available to order.
The canopy provides excellent food & service it is mainly known for the sheesha crowd it accomodates towards the rear of the building. The eat-in prices are in the medium range mark with a sheesha costing around the £10 mark with free top-up of coal. The garden is covered by two big canopies and provides comfortable leather sofa's for seating.Heaters are availabe on the cold nights and frequent offers of desserts can also be found here.
The inside decor of the restaurant is classy and modern with bright colours and paintings, the first floor is worth having a look at as the owners have incorporated a very nice arabic theme.
The crowd at the canopy sheesha area are mostly people in their twenties or thirties with friends. However the restaurant attracts various age groups from young children to adults.
The canopy has become one of my favourite places to visit in london and i'm sure once you've been there you will be returning with a different group of friends each time.
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