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Review date: 14th April 2009 | Author: Abdullah Anees

General Information


Original Lahore Kebab House Restaurant

2 Umberston Street, London, E1 1PY
Telephone Number
020 7481 9737
Large area of seating both upstairs and downstairs
Main road on weekdays-sat after 7pm
Pakistani Cuisine

Other Information

The good
Excellent taste in food
Variety of Pakistani dishes
Friendly service
Quick service
Large seating area
Nice decor
The bad
Parking during weekday afternoons is impossible.
The food at lahore kebab house is delicious and worth the money.
The service is very prompt and friendly as waiting times for a table are less than its competitors.
The restaurant itself is in a side street however dont let this fool you to be a small place. Its probably now one of the biggest restaurants space wise in whitechapel. Its seating both upstairs and downstairs allows large gathering to take place.
This restaurant is definately worth visiting with either family or friends as the atmosphere is relaxed and friendly.
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