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Review date: 18th February 2009 | Author: Abdullah Anees

General Information



83-89 Fieldgate St, Whitechapel, London, E1 1JU
Telephone Number
020 7247 6400 , 020 7247 9543 , 020 7247 8521
Large seating area
Surrounding roads and side streets
Pakistani Cuisine

Other Information

The good
Excellent Decor with a cozy environment.
Good service.
Excellent taste in food.
Variety of Pakistani dishes.
Plenty of parking on surrounding roads.
The bad
Weekends and evenings can cause long waits for a table.
The well known restaurant in east london provides delicious food with an excellent environment. The owners have made use of the small space available by placing tables closely next to each other as the demand for a table in this restaurant keeps soaring.
The ideal time to visit Tayyabs is on the weekend around 1pm-2pm. In the evening long que's outside Tayyabs is a familiar sight as people are willing to wait to taste the delicious food. However booking a table is definitely advisable for weekend evenings as the long waits could easily go beyond the hour mark.
Tayyabs is a highly recommended place to visit with a group of friends, its vibrant & colorful atmosphere will leave you recommending it to everyone.
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