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Please note the following blogs are my own personal views and do not intend to upset or cause offence to anyone. Enjoy reading and if you have any questions or queries please feel free to email me on .

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Places in London

Sometimes finding a place to eat or just hang out in London particularly the east is sometimes a tough task. Going out with a group of friends is fine but where? whats good? whats the atmosphere like? etc. You then realise you end up going to the same place your comfortable with quite often as you dont want to risk trying something new.

The list below are some places in london that i have been to and reviewed so you can get a rough idea of how they are before going to any of them.

New Updates
17th April 2010: New Location Added! Room 36 Restaurant
14th April 2010: Updated Afters Dessert page
28th March 2010: Updated The canop Page - The Canopy Restaurant has been temp shutdown

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Holidays.. who doesn't want them? I've been fortunate to travel to some really beautiful locations which have left a lasting impression with me. Below you will find reviews of the recent places i have visited.

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